ATUM (2016). Performed by ZOFO Duet & ELEVATE ENSEMBLE

ATUM: Everything and Nothing (2016)
Concerto for Piano 4 Hands and Wind Octet
Composed by Nick Vasallo

Elevate Ensemble (
Gina Gulyas – Alto Flute
Jonathan Szin – Bass Clarinet
Marko Bajzer – Bassoon
Kris King – Contrabasson
Dominic Favia – Trumpet
Graham Taylor – Trumpet
Kensey Chellis – Trombone
Lucas Jensen – Bass Trombone

ZOFO Duet (
Eva-Maria Zimmermann
Keisuke Nakagoshi

Conducted by Chad Goodman

Video by Tyler Casey Productions
Audio by Zach Miley
Recorded on October 26, 2016 @ San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Premiered on October 2, 2016 7pm at Hume Concert Hall
@ San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Program Notes:
Composed from July 10th – July 30th 2016. I make musical decisions, connections, and structural models based on extra-musical phenomena. In this case, a pre-constructed narrative based on ancient Egyptian mythology.

In the beginning there was only a primordial watery abyss (Nu). A mound of earth rose from Nu and upon it Atum created himself. He created Shu (air) and Tefnut (moisture) out from his body. Shu and Tefnut went to explore the dark waters of Nu. After some time, Atum believed that they were lost, and sent his Eye (of Ra) out into the dark chaos to find them. When his children were returned to him, Atum wept, and his tears were believed to have turned into the first humans. Atum said he will destroy the world, submerging everything back into the primordial waters, which were all that existed at the beginning of time.