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Holders of the Sword (2015)
for string quartet
Full Score and parts (Digital)

Pages from The Doorway 1

The Doorway (2015)
for two electric guitars
Full Score (Digital)



Inches Away from Freedom (2015)
for clarinets, tuba, guitar, and drums
Full Score (Digital)

Pages from Nick Vasallo - Only One Survives 1

Only One Survives (2013)
for cello, piano, and percussion
Full Score (Digital)

Pages from Nick Vasallo - When the War Began 1

When the War Began (2013)
for clarinet, piano, violin, and cello
Full Score (Digital)

Pages from Vasallo - Elements of Metal p1

Elements of Metal (2009)
for string quartet
Full Score (Digital)


Pages from Nick Vasallo - Ein Sof (full score) 1

Ein Sof (2015)
for orchestra
Full Score (Digital)

Pages from Nick Vasallo - the moment before death stretches on forever, like an ocean of time... (FULL SCORE) 1

The Moment Before Death… (2015)
for flute, bass clarinet, bari saxophone, trombone, percussion, piano, electric guitar, soprano, violin, cello, contrabass
Full Score w/ Parts(Digital)

Pages from Nick Vasallo - The Eternal Return 1

The Eternal Return (2015)
for concert band
Full Score (Digital)

Pages from Shred (complete) p1

Shred (2012)
for string orchestra
Full Score (Digital)

op74 Dissertation cover_Page_01

Black Swan Events (2011)
for electric guitar, drums, and orchestra
Full Score (Digital)

Pages from Nick Vasallo - Antares Rising (2010) 1

Antares Rising (2010)
for wind ensemble w/ taiko group
Full Score (Digital)

Pages from expand the hive (web) p1

Expand the Hive (2008)
for orchestra
Full Score (Digital)


Pages from Nick Vasallo - The Prophecy 1

The Prophecy (2008, 2013)
for SATB, baritone, and organ
Full Score (Digital)


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