Pro Tools 10/11: Sound Foley/Design Composition Tutorial

Topic #15. Creative process:
Production, arrangement and composition

Step One: Download media files (*save to Desktop)

  1. Download Video “Right click->Save Link As” (Windows) or “Ctrl+click->Save Link As” (Mac):  204-0171-FreeQT480x270 from
  2. Download Audio “Right click->Save Link As” (Windows) or “Ctrl+click->Save Link As” (Mac): running-in-the-snow.wav from

Step Two: Import Video into Pro Tools

  1. Open Pro Tools. (Make sure Video Engine is enabled. To enable the Video Engine, go to the Playback Engine found in the Setup Menu and click on the check box.)
  2. File->Import->Video->Desktop->Select Video->Open
  3. A “Video Import Options” box will pop up. Make sure “Session Start” is selected and click  “OK”

Step Three: Import Audio into Pro Tools

  1. Open your “Finder” folder on your dock.
  2. Click on “Desktop”
  3. Drag and drop the audio file onto  your Pro Tools session Edit window.

Step Four: Sync Audio to Video

  1. Select the audio clip and line it up to the beginning of the video.
  2. Duplicate the clip with “Ctrl+D” (Windows) or “Command+D” (Mac).
  3. Nudge the duplicate clip to the left so it overlaps with the original.

Step Five: Crossfade clips

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.46.59 PM

  1. Select an area between the two adjacent clips, using the Selector Tool to highlight where you want the crossfade to start and finish.
  2. Hit “Ctrl+F” (Windows) or “Command+F” (Mac)
  3. Choose the shape of the fade from the Fades dialogue  and click the OK button.

Step Six: Virtual Instruments. Add some dramatic music!

  1. Track->New. Select 1 track, Stereo, Instrument Track->Create
  2. Go back to Mix window: Window->Mix
  3. Under Instrument Track, click under “Inserts”->Multi-channel Plugin->Instruments->Xpand!2
  4. You can change or add pads to Xpand if you want.
  5. Go back to the Edit window. Hit play to watch the video.
  6. Start playing some music on the keyboard, HAVE FUN!

Step Seven (optional): Record and Bounce to video.

  1. Arm the audio track: click “Track Record Enable” button (it should flash RED)
  2. Hit Record and Play. Perform the music.
  3. When you are happy with the performance, export to Quicktime Movie: File->Bounce to->Quicktime Movie.
  4. Bounce pop-up box: Make sure you have the same Audio output as your tracks, Stereo interleaved, 48khz, Slowest conversion rate.
  5. Save to Desktop. You now have begun building a reel!

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